1. When making an request for any service, you must understand exactly what it means, as well as how you can use it. You are solely responsible for the actions performed after the provision of the service ordered on the site.

2. You must fill in each required field of the request as accurately as possible, avoiding mistakes. Filling in the field incorrectly or choosing an item from the list may lead to an undesirable result, in which case a refund is not possible.

3. If the order is placed incorrectly or is out of date, a refund is also impossible (for example, if you ordered to unlock a device that is already unlocked, placed an order for a service on several sites at the same time, or unblocked the device yourself while the request for the service was being processed).

4. Having made an request and paid for the selected service, you cannot independently cancel the order even in case of a delay in the provision of the service. If you need to cancel an order, contact the Site Administration using one of the contact methods provided in the CONTACTS section. At the same time, indicate the e-mail that you indicated when placing the request, a screenshot of the payment for the service and the reason for the need to cancel the order (only if possible).

5. The terms for the provision of the service indicated on the website are approximate and may vary depending on the circumstances. We work both on holidays and weekends, but on these days the terms of the service may vary.

6. When ordering a service and calculating the approximate period for its provision, take into account working hours, weekends and holidays, disruptions or unforeseen circumstances.

7. The client should take into account that by ordering the service, he can receive instructions indicating the need to install certain software on a PC or perform certain actions with a phone or PC.

8. If the Administration of the site has already provided part of the service, cancellation of the order and refunds are not possible. The administration may offer a refund of some part of the amount paid, depending on at what stage of the provision of the service you decided to cancel the order, or refuse to refund.

9. The site administration prohibits clients from using network or USB sniffers in the process of receiving the service. In this case, the process will be interrupted and a refund will not be possible.

10. The client must first clarify whether it is possible to take a screenshot or video recording at the time of receiving the service and publish the received material.

11. In the event of problems during remote work (for example, software failures, breakdowns, interruptions of the Internet connection when unlocking or restoring the device, which can lead to a problem with the phone), the Site Administration does not bear any responsibility, but, if possible, will try to solve a problem.

12. The site administration is not responsible for the integrity of your data on a computer or phone.

13. The client can check the quality of the provided service within 1 hour after receiving it.

14. If a client re-orders the service on the site, he can get a discount by contacting the Site Administration in any way provided in the CONTACTS section before paying.

15. If the Administration of the site cannot provide the service ordered by the customers, the funds paid will be returned to him without taking into account the commission paid by him within 10 days (usually faster).

16. If the client deletes the correspondence, the service cannot be provided a second time and any questions about its quality will be rejected.

17. Correspondence with the Site Administration is completely confidential. It is forbidden to publish anywhere or transfer to third parties information from the correspondence without the written agreement of the Site Administration.

18. The personal data of the client, the content of the correspondence with the client, the data specified by the client in the request or obtained as a result of its processing are confidential information. The site administration undertakes not to disclose it, not to transfer it to anyone and not to publish it anywhere.

19. If you have any questions, you can contact the Site Administration in any of the ways presented on the CONTACTS page.

20. All reviews on the site are published in their original form, in which they were left by the client, so the site administration is not responsible for any spelling and grammatical errors. The site administration does not edit reviews, except for exceptions - if the review contains obscenities, insults, self-promotion or PR of competing sites.

21. Changes on the site come into force from the moment of publication without prior notice to customers (for example, changes in the Rules, prices, conditions, deadlines, etc.) 

22. The obligation to timely monitor changes in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this site lies with the clients. Ignorance of the Rules does not relieve clients from responsibility for their violation.

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