1) Download TeamViewer to your computer (install, personal/non-commercial): DOWNLOAD
2) Download USB Network Gate (install) to your computer: DOWNLOAD
3) Download Medusa (install): DOWNLOAD
4) In TeamViewer, click: Extras -> Options -> Advanced -> Show advanced options -> Install VPN driver
5) Make a backup of all important data from the phone memory (photos, videos, chats, contacts, etc.), all data will be deleted.

6) Switch the smartphone to EDL mode:
- Connect the smartphone via USB to the computer.
- On the turned on smartphone hold VOL+ VOL- and POWER (if this combination does not come out, then only VOL- and POWER).
- As soon as the screen turns off continue to hold VOL- and POWER buttons and at the same time quickly press VOL+.
- The smartphone will show a black screen and the device manager on the PC will show "QUSB_BULK_CID:xxxx_SN:xxxxxxxx" or "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM x )".

- If you don't manage to enter EDL mode the first time, try again many times!
- If you need to turn on the phone (take it out of EDL mode), hold VOL- and POWER for about 10 seconds.



7) Note:
- Close all unnecessary applications on the PC that may interfere (torrents, browsers, players, live wallpaper, widgets, etc.).
- If you have a third party VPN for Internet, you should disable it.
- If you have any antivirus software installed on your PC, make sure to disable it (standard antivirus from Windows must not be disabled).
- Do not install any third-party drivers for QDLoader 9008 (except if the PC installs them itself from the Update Center).

Video example of switching to EDL from a switched on phone

Video example of switching to EDL from fastboot